How does your remote sales deposit work?

Our sales deposit service is aimed at all sales customers in the European Union.

So, whether you are Italian, Greek or German, you can use CAWETTE JONES to sell your collectors! 

It’s very simple and you have no application fees: 

  • You want to sell an upscale statue or replica efficiently and easily. 
  • You fill in 2 minutes a simple online form available HERE on which you fill in your desired sales price 
  • Following the reception of the form, we make you a return by email to confirm you the assumption of your sale by CAWETTE JONES 
  • Upon acceptance of your product, you will benefit from all the services offered by CAWETTE JONES for the sale (international visibility, accompaniment for the sending, payments phased, …) 
  • When your product is sold and perfectly received by the buyer, CAWETTE JONES will pay you the amount indicated by you on the sales deposit request form.

Why using our remote sales deposit service?

Our deposit sale will allow you to sell at the best possible price and quickly your high-end collector in:

  • Offering competitive shipping charges to buyers
  • Offering installments to prospective buyers (1 to 4 times)
  • Securing transactions between sellers and buyers (Payzen, trusted third party)
  • Bringing international visibility (market places, social networks, …)
  • Applying moderate commissions to avoid penalizing your sale – You benefit from a bonus amount in case of sale higher than your expectation.

What are the commissions applied by CAWETTE JONES as part of the distance selling deposit service?

The commission % applied to the seller’s product is variable depending on the price desired by the seller.

It is between 20 and 25% of the total amount desired by the selling customer according to the scale presented below:

  • Between 0 and 250 €: 25%
  • Between 251 € and 500 €: 24%
  • Between € 501 and € 750: 23%
  • Between 751 € and 1000 €: 22%
  • More than 1001 €: 20%

The rates explained above are intended to cover all costs related to the management of the sale of your article (posted on the CAWETTE JONES website and on various partner merchant sites, transport management for customers in France metropolitan and Corsican, helps resolve potential litigation, payment solution).

What are products excluded from the distance selling deposit service?

The distance selling deposit service offered by CAWETTE JONES does not accept the following products:

  • Toys or figurines assimilated (Myth cloth, POP, …)
  • Counterfeits and copies
  • The products are not under official license with the exception of the original creations of independent artists also called FAN ART or CUSTOM drawn in very low copies
  • The products not having the quality required by our policy in terms of quality of production or general condition.

What does custom delivery service mean in your sales depot?

This service is reserved for customers in Metropolitan France and Corsica wishing to use the remote sale deposit service of CAWETTE JONES.

When the product of a selling customer is sold on the CAWETTE JONES website, the company CAWETTE JONES deals with the entire shipping process (choice of carrier, insurance, customs procedures).

All documents necessary for sending will be sent to the seller by email within 48 hours with an explanatory note.

The selling customer must scrupulously follow the explanatory note provided to avoid certain inconveniences (blocking of the customs parcel, loss of the delivery note, etc.).

The sales customer has the choice between two types of services:

  1. The withdrawal of the parcel at home or at the address of his choice in a time slot of 4 hours by a private carrier. This service is invoiced to the customer 25 € TTC which will be deducted directly from the selling price of his product. Thus, the company CAWETTE JONES will pay to the seller customer the amount provided when registering his product in the remote sale deposit of the site CAWETTE JONES minus (-) home withdrawal (25 €).
  2. The deposit of his package at the post office of his choice. The selling customer must stamp the proof of deposit provided by CAWETTE JONES. This proof of deposit will be asked to the selling customer in case of problems occurring during transport (loss, damage, …). This service is free and does not generate any additional costs for the seller.

What procedure should I follow when preparing to send my product sold in the sales depot?

The purpose of this procedure is to make the delivery of statues and other fragile products as safe as possible and thus to avoid any inconvenience during transport. The selling customer undertakes to scrupulously respect the procedure specified below when preparing his parcel before sending:

  1. Check one by one the components of the product to make sure once again of their states before sending. If the salesman sees defects or other qualitative problems during packing, he must expressly notify the company CAWETTE JONES so that it can inform the customer buyer as soon as possible. The parcel can not be sent until the buyer has made his final decision regarding the problems revealed by the seller.
  2. Position the various elements of the product in its original primary packaging (usually made of polystyrene) according to their original locations.
  3. Effectively stall the various elements in their locations (using bubble wrap or other soft and non-abrasive material if necessary) to minimize the risk of breakage that may be caused by the handling of the package.
  4. Reseal the polystyrene packaging in which the product parts are located using wide and good quality adhesive tape, taking care to circumnavigate the packaging. WARNING !!! The color box must not be closed with adhesive tape. This operation only concerns the inner polystyrene packaging.
  5. Place the polystyrene inner packaging in its original color box, stalling it if necessary (using bubble wrap or any other soft and non-abrasive material) to reduce unwanted shock during handling of the package.
  6. Place the set in the original brown cardboard box if present (brown shipper) or in a cardboard box with at least a double groove, taking care again that the original color box is well wedged within replacement outer carton. If this is not the case, re-wedge using bubble wrap or other protective and cushioning materials.
  7. Close the 4 widths and 2 lengths of the outer brown cardboard with adhesive tape.
  8. Circle the outer brown cardboard (brown shipper) of bubble wrap so that each side is covered with at least 2 layers and tape the set cleanly. WARNING !!! This step is very important to ensure maximum security of the shipment.
  9. If the dimensions of the original packaging allow it, use a second shipping carton in which you will place and effectively stall your product in its original packaging.
  10. Print the packing slip and all necessary transport documents (invoices, customs declaration) and tape them cleanly on your package (The use of a plastic bag is recommended to avoid any risk of tearing or degradation of documents).
  11. To deposit your parcel at the post office of your choice (free service) OR to transmit your parcel to the deliveryman who will pass to your residence in the time slot of 4 hours selected by your care (service invoiced 25 € TTC and reserved for the customers of France Metropolitan and Corsican under the “Custom Delivery Service”).

Shipments must always be insured up to their values.

A statue on order or pre-order on our website interests you and you want to sell a part of your collection?

CAWETTE JONES offers you to take back your statues or replicas !!!

For pre-orders:

1) Send us by mail ( the list of statues you want to sell with the
following information:

  • Full name of the statues (Name, manufacturer)
  • Presence of color box, brown shipping carton, and proof of authenticity
  • General condition of the statue
  • The desired price range (example between 350 and 450 €)

2) Do not forget to specify on your mail the statues you want to preorder on our site.

3) We will answer you in 48 hours maximum by confirming you the feasibility of the recovery
and by specifying you a minimum price of recovery (example 300 €) and a price of
immediate sale (example 400 €) for each of your statues.

4) We are selling your statues on within our deposit sale for the duration
of the pre-order at the price previously set (price of immediate sale).

5) We order the statue or statues you want and you pay no deposit and no monthly payment.

6) As soon as one of your statues is sold, we deduct the sale price from the total sum of your

7) If none of your statues are sold on our deposit sale when your pre-order is available, we
commit ourselves to take back your statues at the minimum price specified by us. So you have the assurance that you will have no money to pay.

8) You must then send us your statues to validate the sending of your pre-ordered statue.
The shipment is supported by us, you have nothing to pay. Once all of your statues have been
received by us, we send you the pre-ordered statue.

For orders:

1) Send us by mail ( the list of statues you want to sell with the
following information:

  • Full name of the statues (Name, manufacturer)
  • Presence of color box, brown shipping carton, and proof of authenticity
  • General condition of the statue
  • The desired price (example between 350 and 450 €)

2) Do not forget to specify on your mail the statues you want to order on our site.

3) We will respond within 48 hours by confirming the feasibility of the recovery and by
specifying a price of recovery (example € 400) for each of your statues.

4) If the price of recovery is right for you, we will deduct it from the total amount of your

5) You must then send us your statue and pay the balance of your order if necessary.

6) After good reception, we send you your order as soon as possible

Who are we?

As a collector and passionate about the world of statues and exceptional by-products of various universes for almost 15 years (Manga, cinema, comics, …), I wanted to create a site that meets the expectations that we can have as a collector when we decide to buy or sell our beloved collectors.

For many years, I have been selling or buying statues or other replicas on different sites or forums. And you have to be honest, it’s often energy-consuming and stressful…

CAWETTE JONES was created by a collector for collectors to simplify and secure the interactions between buyers and sellers by offering exclusive services and real professional expertise.

I hope that the site will fully meet your expectations, and if it is not the case, do not hesitate to contact me …. All ideas are good to take.

See you soon

Jerome GA