Training workshop in Insuco Burkina Faso regarding participatory mapping methodologies

Jul 2018 | News from Insuco

A training workshop focusing on participatory mapping methodologies was organised on the 17th and 18th of July 2018 in Insuco offices in Burkina Faso by IFSRA (Institute For Social Research in Africa), and facilitated by our team, composed of Romain Ronceray, Alizéta Ouedraogo, Yeri Kambiré and Hermine Papazian. The objective of this two-day session was to explore, together with the team of PAGIE-GIZ research project, focusing on artisanal gold mining in Mali, different innovations and tools that have been used by Insuco and IFSRA in their respective projects, and particularly Terristories® participative tool developed by the Cirad.