The challenges of territorial dialogue in times of Covid-19: how to address them through another approach of social management?

Apr 2020 | News from Insuco

On Friday April 3rd 2020, Insuco, Jaime Arteaga & Asociados and the Colombian Mining Association led an online conversation with the objective of reflecting on the challenges of maintaining territorial dialogue in times of Covid-19, from a new perspective of social management.

This space for discussion brought together almost 100 people from the Latin American and Caribbean region, including representatives of the mining, oil and gas, as well as international cooperation sectors, union leaders, academics, among others. Such virtual gathering allowed us to share our views on the challenges that the current international context imposes on us in terms of social dialogue and the strategies that several companies are implementing in order to maintain the relationship and interaction with the communities where they operate and, in this way, to propose solutions to meet the needs of the territories.

Many thanks to all participants for their willingness to accompany us in this discussion and for their valuable contributions! We hope to continue exchanging with you in the near future and we reiterate our invitation to maintain the dialogue.