Territorial social management with Curimining in Ecuador

Jun 2021 | News from Insuco

At the beginning of the year 2021, Insuco Ecuador collaborated with the mining company Curimining, supporting it, within the framework of the Curipamba Mining Project, in the development of a Corporate Territorial Responsibility strategy as well as in the installation in the territory of a governance and dialogue roundtable in order to support the management and social planning of the mining project.

By approaching the communities, local authorities and the company, we began to build relationships of trust that allow us to generate channels of communication and spaces for dialogue. Our field work showed that most of the communities approached were willing to participate, as long as the established agreements are effectively complied with and common benefits are acquired, instead of private benefits.

As a result of the activities carried out, we can highlight the importance of the dialogue spaces, which have emerged as a truly appropriate tool for encouraging the participation of local actors, establishing territorial agreements and commitments, and implementing actions aimed at the sustainable development of the communities living in the Curipamba mining project area.

Thanks to the Curimining teams for their trust and for this fruitful collaboration!