Social Survey in Guinea for a Power Line Project

Nov 2021 | News from Insuco

Insuco conducts its social studies in accordance with national and international standards. Stakeholder engagement from the beginning of a project’s formulation and throughout its implementation cycle is essential to its success and is fully in line with the guidelines of the standards. Thus, we organize numerous stakeholder consultations in the field of the projects where we are mandated.

This allows us to disseminate the most accurate and educational information possible regarding the objectives, scope, implementation schedules, and possible impacts and risks. It is also an opportunity for the stakeholders of the Projects to express to our Experts their concerns, fears and doubts but also to transmit their knowledge, ideas, expectations and what they understand or recommend for the Projects. This then also means that their concerns and recommendations will be seriously considered and, to the extent possible, incorporated into the Projects.

Julie Tipret and Colince Tagny, International Experts, dedicated a large part of their mission in Guinea for a power line project to this engagement activity. They visited nearly 80 villages and organized two workshops in the prefecture, bringing together local authorities, technical services and inhabitants of the study areas. Fanny Nesen, Project Coordinator, came to assist them for this last intervention in the field.