Social investment

We provide on-going support to our clients by formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their social investment strategies. We consider these tools as valuable governance tools, permitting us to simultaneously meet legal obligations, stakeholder expectations and maximise corporate performance, with a concern for sustainable development of the businesses and the territories that host them.

Based on participatory approaches, we identify the perceptions, fears and expectations of different stakeholders and support our clients in the development of strategic investment programmes, in accordance with the company’s identity, its social management instruments and with existing territorial development tools. Depending on the needs of our clients, this support can include assistance in the structuring of investment portfolios, definition of award criteria, or the direct implementation of defined programmes.

We favour transversal inclusive approaches to ensure fairness and transparency in the implementation of processes to maximise positive impacts for beneficiaries, including communities. In addition, our approaches aim at empowering the various stakeholders (such as decentralisation) through an adapted institutional set-up, making it possible to reduce the dependence of the territory in the long term in relation to the company or programme concerned.

Our sectors of intervention

We work for many sectors to manage social issues and understand local contexts. For 13 years, almost 300 organisations have placed their trust in us.

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