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Study of the land acquisition situation of the Riviera shopping centre project – Ivory Coast

Client : Duval Group

Region / Country: Africa | Ivory Coast
Services: Studies


The Duval Group wished to build a shopping centre on a 10-hectare plot of land at Riviera 3 “Carrefour Faya”, which is part of the District of Abidjan (Cocody commune) and the Bingerville constituency. On a customary and historical level, the area belongs to the Ebrié village of Akouédo. The plot, previously acquired by Rascom, currently has an ambiguous land status.

In this context, the Duval Group requested a study to better assess the situation and to get an idea of the gaps to be addressed with respect to IFC Standard 5.

The general objective of this mandate was to assess the situation of the Riviera project site with respect to IFC Standard 5, through four questions:

  • Who were the stakeholders in the land situation of the Riviera project?
  • What were the fears and expectations of the stakeholders in the situation (population, government, RASCOM, Duval, people claiming ownership of the land)?
  • What budget to plan for in order to meet stakeholder expectations according to IFC standards?
  • What budgeted action plan to follow to address these expectations?


Insuco provided the client with a study report that included an assessment of the situation, a budget for compensation and a budgeted action plan to address the gaps in relation to IFC Standard 5.

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