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Socio-economic situation of people affected by the biomass plant project – Ivory Coast

Client : Biovea Energie SA

Region / Country: Africa | Ivory Coast
Sectors: Energy
Services: Studies


This study aimed at updating the socio-economic situation of the people affected by the project (PAPs) in relation to the baseline carried out by the Development office and whose final report dates from March 2020. The objective was to monitor the socio-economic conditions of the PAPs on the site of the Power Plant and to assess the projects or support implemented by the Mutual Association in order to assess the commitments of the latter to support the restoration of the PAPs’ livelihoods. In fact, this report shows that in addition to the compensation for the land that the PAPs received in 2015, some of them also received financial support from the Mutual Association. The specific objectives were as follows:

  • To measure the socio-economic conditions of the 28 PAPs in the project that could be identified;
  • To propose, if necessary, a Livelihood Action Plan (LAP) to ensure that PAPs with degraded living conditions can be supported until they are restored;
  • To make a diagnosis of the activities/support of the credit union in favour of the PAPs by examining its planned and implemented local development projects;
  • Make recommendations to Biovea so that the Local Development Plan to be developed by the Mutual Association is the tool that integrates the actions of the proposed LAP;
  • Prepare tools to monitor the implementation of the LAP for the benefit of Biovea’s Environmental & Social teams.


At the end of the study, Biovea knew the socio-economic situation of the PAPs and had an inventory of the local development projects planned and implemented by the Mutual. To this end, it had at its disposal :

  • an updated socio-economic situation of the PAPs and recommendations and points of attention;
  • a support plan for the Mutual Association;
  • a format (protocol and tools) for long-term monitoring;
  • if necessary, a livelihoods action plan (LAP).


Insuco provided Biovea with the following deliverables:

  • An inception report ;
  • A socio-economic diagnostic report of the PAPs;
  • A protocol for monitoring the socio-economic data of the PAPs;
  • A Livelihood action plan (LAP), including a proposal or template for a livelihood restoration statement to be provided in the internal closing audit report.

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