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Realization of urban and technical studies of the Layableh-Warableh II neighborhoods in Djibouti

Client : ARULoS

Région / Pays : Africa | Djibouti
Catégorie de client : Private & public companies

Mission :

For nearly 20 years, the Djiboutian State has been part of a process of development and restructuring of the precarious neighborhoods of Djibouti. This desire is reflected in the combined efforts of several institutions such as the Ministry of the City, Urban Planning and Housing (MVUH) the Djibouti Social Development Agency (ADDS), and more especially the Urban Rehabilitation Agency and Social Housing (ARULOS). Several servicing and development projects have thus been carried out at PK12, Wahlé-daba, Ancien Balbala, Djaga Bouldouq or are in progress. The municipality of Balbala hosts ten (10) of the thirteen (13) neighborhoods targeted by the PZB like the Layableh-Moustiquaire district and a sector of Warableh 2.

This study is part of the Zero Slum Program Strategy, the action plan of which was developed in 2018. A restructuring and alignment study was finalized in December 2020 for the Layableh-Moustiquaire district, under the supervision of work of the Djibouti Social Development Agency (ADDS) and with funding from the French Development Agency (AFD). This study provided a restructuring and alignment plan (without an exhaustive census of households) and an exhaustive priority investment plan. Then, the technical studies (APS, APD and DAO) were carried out and priority investments identified.

In order to prepare the restructuring of the entire precarious area of ​​168 ha, bringing together Layableh-Moustiquaire and Warableh, it becomes necessary to draw up urban studies for Warableh II (43 ha) to complete the urban studies on the Layableh-Moustiquaire district (exhaustive household survey) and by carrying out technical studies (APS-APD-DAO) for the restructuring works of the entire 168 ha area, except for the investments for which the technical studies have already been carried out on Layableh-Moustiquaire.

Within this framework, Insuco has been mandated to carry out household surveys which will aim to document the socio-cultural and economic aspects of affected households as well as their access to urban services and local facilities.

The baseline social survey involves creating a “snapshot” of the socio-economic characteristics of the study area, against which impacts can be measured.

Résultat :

The main deliverables of the studies is a diagnostic report including:

  • an inventory plan,
  • the results of the socio-economic survey,
  • demographic analysis,
  • the database and information on indicators,
  • analysis of risks and sanitation and VRD needs,
  • the sketch of urban restructuring of a sector of Warabley 2

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