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Realization of a social and land study for a shopping centre project – Togo

Client : Duval group

Region / Country: Africa | Togo
Services: Studies


The main objective of the mission was to study the history and the process of land occupation of the land subject to construction as well as the course of population displacement carried out by the Togolese State. This social due diligence was carried out by an independent consultant, in order to independently verify and review the documentation and social safeguards of the project in relation to the applicable requirements/standards and thus to:

  • Identify gaps in compliance;
  • Identify mitigation and follow-up measures necessary to achieve compliance with applicable standards;
  • Define a management and monitoring system.

The objective was to provide the Proponent with information and documentation that will enable the project to comply with the following applicable requirements:

  • Togolese local and national laws, regulations and social standards concerning the land process;
  • FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines for Responsible Governance of Land Tenure (VGGT)
  • IFC Performance Criteria 1 and 5 dated 2012.


The reports (interim and final) were subject to quality requirements. The report text was illustrated with maps, graphs and tables. Insuco submitted a report including:

  • A “red flag report”: a preliminary summary compiling the initial findings, focusing on areas of concern, shortcomings/needs for further investigation in order to meet current standards;
  • PAP mapping: Rights holders were identified under the IFC PS5 standard and classified by status (legal title holders, legitimate claimant under customary law). Particular attention was paid to the identification of vulnerable groups and minorities requiring special treatment. Finally, the list of actors directly or indirectly linked to the situation was drawn up and their roles, concerns and influence were specified in order to identify the means of intervention in the current social and land situation. The risks of aggravation or modification of tensions were analysed in order to prevent any foreseeable or potential social risk during the implementation of the Project.
  • The land and social assessment report was based on the document review, the site visit and consultations with the various stakeholders by telephone or during the mission. It included an action plan setting out recommendations and measures to be taken by the Duval Group to ensure compliance with national and international standards. Within the action plan, the following points were specified
    • Social issues and compliance gaps to be addressed;
    • Recommended actions to meet applicable standards (additional studies or assessments, consultations, compensation measures, other processes; if necessary);
    • Duval Group responsibilities;
    • Objectives to be achieved and budget forecasts.

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