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Evaluation of the reports produced by the actors concerned by the problem of asbestos in Beirut Lebanon

Client : French Development Agency

Region / Country: Lebanon
Services: Studies


The French Development Agency expressed the wish to call upon a consultancy service to carry out environmental and social technical assistance for the evaluation of the reports produced by the actors concerned by the asbestos problem in Beirut.  

Following the explosion that took place on the 4th of August 2020 in the port of Beirut, many buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged.  In this context, several building pollutants were scattered in the rubble, particularly materials and products containing asbestos (fiber cement roofing, pipes, etc.). 

In this context, the French Development Agency has been seeking advice from a pollutants and hazardous materials expert, with a specialization on asbestos to: 

(i)  Review the produced documentation, 

(ii)  Evaluate the actions that have been implemented to handle this material, 

(iii)  Establish operational guidelines for a long term environmentally and sanitary solution for the handling, managing, storing, and recycling of the asbestos.


The following deliverables were provided to the client: 

  • review of the existing documentation
  • evaluation of the actions undertaken by AFD’s partners

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