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Conducting a socio-economic monitoring – Burkina Faso

Client : Hommes et Terre

Region / Country: Africa | Burkina Faso
Client category: NGOs & civil society


As part of a continuous improvement approach and to ensure the success and the anchorage of its projects, Hommes et Terre (H&T) wanted to supplement the forestry monitoring carried out in September 2020 with socio-economic monitoring. The forestry monitoring surveys were carried out in some villages in several regions of Burkina Faso, namely the Sahel, the Central Plateau and the Centre-Nord, where H&T intervenes.

The main objective of the mission was to provide technical support to Hommes et Terre to carry out socio-economic monitoring in order to evaluate:

–  The representation and understanding of the actions of Homme et Terre, especially on the importance of the forest,

–           The concrete socio-economic impacts of the project on two levels: (1) at the level of municipalities and villages and (2) at the level of households with a particular focus on women.

4 questionnaires were administered to 4 different target populations:

  • A sheet dedicated to a municipal representative of each village;
  • A sheet dedicated to a representative of the village unit of each village;
  • A sheet dedicated to the household head of a household sample among the villages of the sites 19-20 ;
  • A so-called “individual” sheet dedicated to a sample of women among the villages of the sites 19-20.


Specifically, Insuco was responsible for:

  • Provide support for the construction of methodological and data collection tools;
  • Train the teams of interviewers on the data collection tools;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the remote survey;
  • Program the questionnaire and process the data using the ONA/ODK electronic tool.

Insuco provided the following deliverables:

  • H&T reviewed and validated tools;
  • Excel database of collected data;
  • The data processed according to H&T’s needs;
  • A protocol for establishing the socio-economic baseline of villages 20-21.

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