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Carrying out socio-economic surveys along the Djibouti road corridors

Client : Private funder

Region / Country: Africa | Djibouti
Services: Studies


The World Bank has mobilized at the end of March 2022 a consortium of consultants formed by INGEROP (leader) and STEER, INSUCO and ENSPHERE, for technical assistance associated with the Djibouti Economic Regional Corridor Operation.

It will focus on the following aspects:

✓ Technical review of road corridors ;

✓ Review of social considerations for road corridors.

From a social perspective, the main objective of this project was to see how the rehabilitation of the road would impact local communities. In this context, the Insuco team has undertaken different focus groups and interviews to realize a social baseline of the project area.


The following deliverable was handed over to the client:

  • A social baseline

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