Podcast Enlace Territorial : Episode 2

May 2022 | News from Insuco

At INSUCO, with the support of the Ford Foundation and in collaboration with ICSI, we are excited to relive some of the best quotes from the first season of our Territorial Link Podcast.

In our second episode of Enlace Territorial, we wanted to explore in depth one of the methodological tools with which we have worked the most: Territorial Transformation Observatories. As Jonathan Osorio P. points out, TTOs measure many of the economic and social transformations that territories with the presence of mining-energy projects experience, and for this we explore the cases of the TTO in Los Encuentros, Ecuador and Buriticá, Colombia. We invite you to listen to this episode to learn more about the Observatories and their networking for the activation of information and strategic territorial planning. It was also the most diverse episode of the season, with 12 voices that you can listen to here:



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