Participatory consultation in Haiti

May 2022 | News from Insuco

Insuco Haiti is leading the participatory consultation activities for the project “Aménagement de la Section Picolet du Bord de Mer du Cap-Haïtien” in a consortium with We Architects and Creocean. This project is led by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications through the Central Execution Unit (UCE) and financed by the World Bank (WB).

Since December 2021, Insuco Haiti and its teams have started the activities of identification and consultation of stakeholders concerned by the project of redevelopment of the seaside boulevard of Cap Haitien in the north of Haiti. This project is part of the larger Cap Haitian Urban Development (CHUD) project funded by the World Bank, whose overall objective is to improve urban infrastructure and public spaces in the city of Cap Haitien.
As part of its mission, the consortium is to develop a detailed design for the redevelopment of the boulevard, including the development of the tender documents for the works.
This assignment is based on a participatory process involving the engagement of stakeholders throughout the development of the vision and the urban design concept. The participatory process, led by Insuco, is based on exchanges with stakeholders through interactive workshops, including workshops with women’s groups, youth, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.
During the first quarter of 2022, a first series of thematic workshops and interviews were conducted by Jean-Laurent Lherisson (Insuco Haiti project manager) and Malaïka Sévère (community liaison officer), mobilising just over sixty stakeholders linked to the boulevard. A specific session was held on Accessibility for All and mobility constraints with a group composed exclusively of women, including one with reduced mobility. The approach was inspired by the “Guide d’aménagement pour un environnement urbain sécuritaire” (Planning Guide for a Safe Urban Environment), which focuses on the place of women users in cities, based on the following criteria
– Knowing where you are and where you are going;
– Seeing and being seen;
– Hearing and being heard,
– Being able to escape and get help,
– Living in a clean and welcoming environment,
– Acting together.