Mission to Les Cayes and Jérémie

Jun 2022 | News from Insuco

INSUCO Haiti conducted a mission to Les Cayes and Jérémie to study the social acceptability of the project to build a relay market II in Les Cayes and to rehabilitate the market in Jérémie. The social acceptability study is part of the mandate of socio-economic studies commissioned by Expertise France, with funding from the Urbayiti program.

Odniel Josema Odniel (field supervisor) and Alice Delmon (technical director) traveled to Cayes and Jérémie to collect qualitative data for the social acceptability study of the market construction and renovation project. The survey consisted of participatory workshops with a sample of operators, users and residents of the markets. In addition, group interviews were held with officials of the town halls and transporters around the areas concerned. The Insuco Haiti team used participatory methodologies based on map drawing and collective reflection activities.

In addition, data was collected in the field from market users in order to draw up a typical profile, understand consumption habits and preferences in relation to the market visited. The question of needs, in the perspective of a rehabilitation/construction of the market, was also addressed.

Expertise France commissioned this study as part of the mandate for socio-economic studies for the construction of the Relai II market in Les Cayes and the rehabilitation of the Jérémie market, financed by Urbayiti. These studies, conducted by Insuco, will contribute to the reflection on the urban design of these two markets.