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We offer solutions tailored to our clients’ projects and hosting environments, in order to promote both the sustainable development of the project and that of the territory.

We adopt a participatory and inclusive approach, to identify the practices instituted, the fears and expectations of the different stakeholders, then to formulate strategies and operational tools in order to strengthen the local capacities, to support the development of productive initiatives at the scale of the territory and support the diversification of the economic fabric. This multi-stakeholder and multi-sector approach makes it possible to initiate a stakeholder engagement process and to build a healthy social climate based on transparency and equity, where the different actors share responsibilities, risks and opportunities.

In conjunction with the existing territorial development instruments, the social management plan of the project and its migration management plan, local content policies – and especially employment policies – constitute real governance tools for a sustainable transformation of the territory, as well as a lasting integration of the project in its host environment, limiting the risks of conflict and contributing to its performance.

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We work for many sectors to manage social issues and understand local contexts. For 10 years, more than 150 organisations have placed their trust in us.

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