Kala Tanta Project

May 2022 | News from Insuco

As part of the commitment to accompany processes of strengthening governance in the territories, based on transformational leaderships from INSUCO, Guillen Calvo (DG LAC) and Diana Méndez del Aguila (DE LAC), together with Jeanette Moreno Torres (DT Dominican Republic) got to know the Kala Tanta Project, an artisan bakery led by Andrés Ugaz and Gabriela Wuest. Kala Tanta is a proposal that seeks to generate a positive impact on the young people of Callao through baking; in addition, it has been articulated with the gastronomic offer of the area by creating the Patronato por la Cocina del Callao, an initiative that seeks to revalue its cultural heritage and tour Callao from its flavours. Promoting territorial sustainability, Kala Tanta works hand in hand with the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura del Callao.