Insuco innovates: role-playing games for REDD+

Nov 2021 | News from Insuco

As part of the Forest Investment Program (PIF) activities in Burkina Faso, several decentralized forest and natural resource management projects are being implemented. Their particularity is to follow a long participatory and inclusive process to reach consensus in terms of approach, choice of sites and investments in order to better manage conservation areas. A scaling up of these investments is planned and concerns a first wave of 30 Burkinabè communes.

In this context, the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change (MEEVCC) has called again on Insuco Burkina Faso, after a successful first intervention in 2016, to conduct a participatory diagnostic process. This diagnosis is based on the TerriStories® methodology developed by CIRAD. TerriStories® is a cooperative game for exploring collective rules to find shared solutions for managing the natural resources of a territory. Insuco, in collaboration with a dedicated CIRAD team, has therefore capitalized on and developed expertise in the use of the TerriStories® methodology.

On September 21, 2021, the Insuco Burkina Faso team participated in a workshop in Ouagadougou to launch the study entitled: “Socio-foncier diagnosis and participatory planning of land use around conservation areas in 30 intervention communes of the sustainable management of communal landscapes for REDD+ project”, in the presence of members of the Ministry of Environment, representatives of the World Bank and resource persons.

The study is well underway and the most significant moments will be shared with you… Stay tuned!

For more information on the TerriStories® methodology, do not hesitate to watch this video presentation: