Insuco facilitated a training session in Colombia about territorial development

May 2019 | News from Insuco

Guillén Calvo (Insuco General Manager for Latin America), was one of the speakers in the training organised by Vivo Cuenca Corporation on the 14th of May 2019, in Manizales, Colombia. Vivo Cuenca is an NGO funded by different public companies in the water, energy and waste sectors, that aims at promoting the conservation and sustainable management of Río Chinchiná watershed through a territorial approach.

The training was intended for the different public entities, private companies and communities involved in Río Chinchiná management, and focused on the valorisation of biocultural heritage to foster territorial development. We were very glad to share our experience regarding Corporate Territorial Responsibility (CTR) and participative territorial management, and to contribute to the development of this innovative initiative, thank you again to all the participants for these great exchanges!