Innovative alliances in territories in times of Covid-19

May 2020 | News from Insuco

The health crisis generated by the Covid-19 confronts us with an unprecedented situation, which overcoming will depend on our joint and cross-sectoral efforts and innovative initiatives in order to restore the dynamism of the territories and well-being of the communities. Thursday May 23rd 2020, we discussed with Jaime Arteaga & Asociados, the Colombian Mining Association and 86 participants from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, among other countries, about the importance of alliances to address the current situation.

Some of the main reflections that emerged from this virtual conversation are as follow:

  • The identification of innovative solutions to the multiple challenges generated by the health crisis can emerge through collective action. This is demonstrated by the Recovery! initiative led by the UNDP.
  • Having easy access to accurate and timely information is key to overcoming moments of crisis. It is therefore important to understand what are the priorities of the communities in terms of information and how to involve them in data collection processes. Such key aspects were highlighted in the interventions of Insuco’s teams as well as by representatives of the IFC.
  • Strengthening our efforts to maintain trust and social cohesion in the context of emergencies is key. Companies and civil society organizations can be important actors in this process. The initiatives supported by the Ford Foundation and the Jaime Arteaga & Asociados’ Care Network are for instance going in this direction.

We invite you to review and share the graphic memories of this event and to continue accompanying us in our future virtual gatherings that will allow us to maintain the dialogue.

Thank you all very much for your participation!