Insuco participated in the Sustainable Mining 2019 International Congress

Oct 2019 | On the front page

We were very pleased to participate in the Sustainable Mining 2019 Congress (6th International Congress on Environmental and Social Responsibility in Mining), held between the 4th and 6th of September 2019 in Santiago, Chile, and organized by GECAMIN. With over 250 participants and more than 10 countries represented, this event has been a great opportunity to present studies, projects and best practices, along with original solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues faced today by the global mining industry.

Patricio Carvallo, Insuco Country Director for Ecuador, together with Juan José Herrera, Lundin Gold Ecuador Senior Business Sustainability Coordinator, introduced the Social Participation and Corporate Territorial Responsibility approach developed for the Fruta del Norte mining project in Ecuador. This innovative approach, mainly based so far on the successful organisation of thematic roundtables, contributed to foster dialogue, inclusion and collective action between the private sector, local and national state institutions, local communities, as well as other key territorial stakeholders.

Many thanks to GECAMIN for their invitation, and to all the participants for the constructive and exciting exchanges!