Houcine Dahmane and Mathilde L’Hour attended to the ceremony restitution of the archaeological items discovered by Luca Pollarolo in the CBG mining project

May 2016 | News from Insuco

May 11th, Houcine Dahmane (General Manager Africa INSUCO) and Mathilde L’Hour (Technical Director) attended at Museum Sandervalia of Conakry to the restitution ceremony of the archaeological items dug out during the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée mining project. The archaeological items were excavated by Luca Pollarolo (INSUCO Project Manager) and analysed by the Archaeology & Population in Africa (APA) laboratory of the department of genetics and evolution (University of Geneva). These are evidence of a human activity in Guinea since middle paleolithic (250 000 BP to 30 000 BP).