GAD Los Encuentros Announces Results of the Working Tables

Mar 2022 | News from Insuco

INSUCO has participated in designing and accompanying the multi-stakeholder dialogue process in the parish of Los Encuentros in Ecuador for more than 5 years. Since 2020 this process has been strengthened and consolidated due to the commitment of the authorities of the Autonomous Decentralized Parish Government of Los Encuentros (GADPLE) to lead this unique dialogue process in the country. This was reflected in the community assembly on March 5, 2022, where the GADPLE informed all the actors present about the achievements obtained during the year of the Working Groups process (2020/2021). The event was attended by local and provincial authorities, presidents of urban and rural communities of the parish, members of the educational, journalistic, commercial and public safety sectors, as well as union leaders and representatives of Lundin Gold Ecuador.

Kelly Montaño, (president of GADPLE) in his speech reiterated his commitment to continue with the development of the Working Groups. “We have given our best effort so that each of these tables work and achieve their objectives, maybe we made mistakes or made some mistakes throughout this process is normal, because we are human beings but I hope you have noticed all the effort and drive that has been put behind every detail, “he said.

On the other hand, all the members of the GAD and at the same time leaders of the Working Groups, Production, Local Hiring, Employability, Infrastructure and Connectivity, and Environmental Care that work in favor of local development, said that the joint work and co-responsibility among the actors involved have been key throughout the process.  The GAD invited to continue participating in this new year of working groups always looking for the common good of the parish.

The GAD of Los Encuentros, through this multi-stakeholder dialogue process, gives us an example of leadership and commitment to the territory in the context of the development of mining processes in Ecuador and Latin America. As Insuco we are very proud to be part of this story!