First business expo-congress: logistics, environment & oil, ecuamazonía 2021

Dec 2021 | News from Insuco

The Chamber of Heavy Transport of Orellana, one of the main actors in the chain of specialized suppliers of the hydrocarbon industry in the province with the highest production of crude oil, held the first business congress of the northern Amazon region of Ecuador. Its main proposals were that “local actors are the architects of the transformations in their territories”, and that “it is time that the events that bring together the industry are held at the local level and not only in the big cities”.

These proposals translate into a long-term vision and the maturity to assume the governance responsibilities required by an industry with more than 40 years of history. A possibility to think of themselves and collaborate in the development of their region, as well as a marked transition to think of themselves in new contexts beyond the oil era.

Insuco participated with the paper “Linkages and Clusters in the Territories”, promoting from the research and academic line the construction of multi-stakeholder dialogues, in addition to the involvement and co-responsibility of the various actors of the territories and industries, evoking that joint, practical and proactive projects for the territories, if they are viable.