Experiencias Significativas 2020 – Gender Equality in the Mining and Energy Sector in Colombia

Dec 2020 | News from Insuco

Within the framework of the event Experiencias Significativas 2020 organized by the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia, Ignacio Corlazzoli, representative of the Inter-American Development Bank in Colombia, presented the first results of the baseline study on gender equality in the mining and energy sector, carried out by INSUCO and CoreWoman.

There are three key messages that this exercise leaves us with as an industry:

1) Gender equality is considered an important issue by a great number of companies of the sector;

2) It is crucial to advance towards concrete actions within companies, such as the elaboration of policies, plans and protocols that allow for the operationalization of the gender approach in the daily life of the companies;

3) It is necessary to increase the number of companies that participate in the baseline exercises because only in this way will it be possible to have a clear picture of the sector, allowing us to identify gaps and progress made.

In February 2021, the baseline study final results will be presented, and we will continue with the implementation of the planned activities of our Project.