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Nov 2021 | News from Insuco


Insuco, with the support of the Ford Foundation and in collaboration with ICSI (Insuco Center for Social Innovation), presents the fourth episode of the Enlace Territorial podcast: “Multi-stakeholder Dialogue: Governance and Collective Action”.

Why is it important to think about dialogue beyond transactional approaches? What does it mean for a dialogue to be transformational? What multi-stakeholder dialogue spaces are being created in Latin America and the Caribbean and what have been the lessons learned and challenges?

All these questions are part of this new episode of Enlace Territorial, where we explore in depth the characteristics, advantages and diverse experiences around dialogue as a key tool in the generation of governance and collective action.

From Insuco, we will have the participation of Diana Mendez del Aguila, country director of Insuco Peru, to understand what are the bases of this type of dialogue. In addition, we will have a wide range of voices including María Alejandra Quintero, Nathan Monash, Kelly Montaño, Miguel Inchaustegui and Alcibiades Escué. Between them, they will provide us with a variety of perspectives from academia, private enterprise, and local and national governance.

We will also focus on truly innovative spaces for dialogue such as the creation of thematic/working tables in Los Encuentros (Ecuador) and multi-stakeholder and multi-sector dialogue groups such as RIMAY (Peru) and the Mining Dialogue Group in Colombia (GDIAM).

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