Episode 3 now available! 

Nov 2021 | News from Insuco

Insuco, with the support of the Ford Foundation and in collaboration with the #ICSI (Insuco Center for Social Innovation), presents the third episode of the Enlace Territorial podcast. In the first episode we talked about the Territorial Corporate Responsibility approach and in the second we explored the Territorial Transformations Observatories. Now, in this new episode, the floor is taken by the territorial dynamizers, fundamental actors in a large number of processes and initiatives in Latin America.

Territorial dynamizers are actors who favor the recognition and potential of all types of communities, including those in which mining and energy projects are present. They also participate in a number of processes and activities in the territories, contributing to their development and to the resolution of possible conflicts.

In order to understand in depth the important role of the dynamizers in these territories, as well as all the processes and transformations they are carrying out, we will have the voices of three of them: Sandra Olaya (Colombia), Wilfredo Bacián (Chile) and Jhuliana Lisbeth Macas (Ecuador).

We will also have the reflections and learnings of experts who have worked extensively on this topic, such as Claudia Ranaboldo and Michelle Jacome, in addition to the reflections of Santiago Villegas Yepes on the relationship between dynamizers and the private sector.

We are proud to share in this episode, a weaving of voices, knowledge and experiences. 

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