Environmental and social impact studies in Benin

Nov 2021 | News from Insuco

As Benin welcomes the 26 works of art returned by France, Insuco and its Beninese partner Egnon Consulting have developed the Environmental and Social Impact Studies, their associated E&S Management Plans, the Resettlement Action Plan and the Management Plan for Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage. These studies and plans were carried out with the support of Expertise France and AFD in the framework of two flagship projects of the Government Action Program: “Construction of the Museum of the Epic of the Amazons and the Kings of Danhomé” on the Court of the Amazons in Abomey and “Rehabilitation of the palatial sites of Guézo, Glèlè, Béhanzin and Agoli-Agbo” in Abomey, whose Project Manager is the National Agency for the Promotion of Heritage and Development of Tourism (ANPT).