Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Djibouti

May 2022 | News from Insuco

The INSUCO Djibouti team conducted the update of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, to international standards, of the DIDD oil jetty construction project. An E&S Management Plan and a Stakeholder Engagement Plan were also submitted to the client.

From ministers to local fishermen, the Insuco Djibouti team was able to meet with all civil society actors.

Located near the town of Damerjog, about 10 km from Djibouti city and 1 km from the Somali border, the Djibouti Damerjog Industrial Development (DDID) project is a free zone project focusing on heavy industries, ship repair and livestock transport. Started in 2018, the project is expected to last 15 years and consists of 3 development phases including a pilot phase consisting of the construction of an oil jetty.