Baseline Study between Maneah and Linsan in Guinea

Oct 2021 | News from Insuco

Our teams in Conakry had the opportunity to participate in a field day with teams conducting a Baseline Study between Maneah and Linsan in Guinea. It was an opportunity for Fanny Nesen, Project Coordinator and Michel Camrrubi, Programmer Analyst, to come and enrich their understanding of the realities of conducting household surveys in order to better size the missions and refine our survey methodologies.

It was an opportunity to discuss with our national interviewers and consultants as well as our international consultant Alexis Maclet to perfect our survey questionnaires and thus guarantee the best quantitative and qualitative representativeness of the studies we propose to our clients. Adapting the questions to the specificities of the territory means ensuring that the economic and social baseline of the Project area will truly be a tool for in-depth understanding, based on contextualized indicators for future impact measurement.